Double Mag Pouch For Ak, With Volumetric Flap Qcbox-2


Category: Mag Pouches Brand: SRVV


Pouch for 2 AK mag. with silent plastic buckle, hard partition panel and volumetric flap

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Features include:
● Quick release noiseless plastic buckle
●- Adjustable with Velcro flap allows to use the pouch for mags of calibres 5.45 and 7.62
● Hard partition panel
● Adjustable elastic cord with a lock
● Grommet drain holes
● Mounts via M.O.L.L.E.
● Volumetric flap prevents water from flowing into the pouch

Dimensions: 8 сm х 7 сm x 22 сm


Materials used:
● Original CORDURA® 1000D
● Original tapes
● STOCKO® snap buttons
● COATS® threads
● YKK STOCKO® plastic buckle

Weight: 140 g


The company reserves a right to make minor modifications to improve the products.


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