Training Plates Defender

Complete your Fort Technology body armor with this set of 4 Defender Training Plates. Made for training, they replicate the weight of the originals.


Made in RussiaCertified productionEuropean quality
  • Universal size used by the corresponding vest
  • 3 types of weight: authentic and realistic weight perfect for pure training in combat conditions or lighter weight more adapted for reconstruction as for airsoft
  • Our non-ballistic plates are suitable for Defender vests or other ones that use Defender plates
  • Our Defender plates have original dimensions and have the closest possible shape of a bend
  • Set delivered with 4 plates: the prices displayed correspond to a kit of 2 front plates and 2 backplates
  • Material: Steel, Soft foam material (isolon) inner side, Cover Oxford 600

About the weight of the defender 2 plates

Several versions are available depending on your needs. They are all close to the weight of the original plates:

  1. Steel 3 mm: total of 3.80 kg
  2. Steel 4 mm: total of 5.10 kg
  3. Steel 5 mm: total of 6.30 kg

About the weight of the original Defender plates

For your information, here is the weight of the real plates according to their class:

  1. Br2: 2,4 mm: total of 3,1kg
  2. Br3: 4,6 mm: total of 6 kg
  3. Br4: 6,5 mm: total of 8,4 kg


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