Russian Body Armor Defender 2 MOLLE

That bulletproof vest is specially designed for direct contact combats with the enemy. Even spetsnaz of best russian special forces units need to protect themselves. You should too with that Defender 2 MOLLE!

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Category: Russian Body Armors Brand: Kula Tactical brand


High protective Russian Body Rrmor

That bulletproof vest is specially designed for direct contact combats with the enemy. With its high bullet resistance, increased protection area, good comfort and reliability, the FORT OK “Defender-2” is in service with operators from TsSN FSB : the Russian special forces.

Usually used with harness system like “smersh” vest, that body armor is really appreciated for its effectiveness.

Its Benefits :

  • Universal adjustable size in height and width
  • The vest can be filed with bulletproof plates (groin pad and throat protections too)
  • Groin pad and throat protection removable
  • Integrated pouch for documents or other
  • MOLLE straps for pouches fixation

Only the heavy version of the Defender 2 MOLLE include a throat protection and a groin pad.

  • Materials : Mogotex (the russian Cordura 1000D)
  • Weight : 1kg

The defender 2 molle package

  • Defender 2 MOLLE – Body Armor
  • Padded Plate Backer (for comfort)
  • Foam insertions instead of plates (to give some shape to the vest)

Additional information

Weight1200 g

Kula Custom (Markus)

Pouch attachment

MOLLE System


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