Crossfit Plates SAPI


These crossfit sapi plates are designed as sports equipment for physical exercises. They are ideal for foot races and improved body weight exercises.

Choose an option
Choose an option
1500g per plate
2000g per plate
2500g per plate
3000g per plate
3500g per plate
4000g per plate
4500g per plate
5000g per plate
5500g per plate
6000g per plate
Choose an option
Choose an option
Category: Non Ballistic Training Plates Brand: Armets Models


  • All sizes are availables: from XS to XL
  • Poids au choix : choissisez méthodiquement le poids qui vous convient, avec la possibilité de monter en gamme de poids par la suite.
  • Our non-ballistic plates are suitable for CIRAS, LBT-6094, JPC, PC and any other type of plate carriers using that type of SAPI plates
  • Our Crossfit Sapi plates have original dimensions and have the closest possible shape of a bend
  • Set delivered with 2 plates: the prices displayed correspond to a kit of one front plate and one backplate
  • 21 mm plate thickness : like the original
  • Material: layers of Aluminum Composite and blue cover 100% polyester

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