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Depending on the weather conditions, working in a classic uniform can be very painful because of the heat. Our combat shirts are optimized to give you the best comfort in such conditions, while improving your fighting ability thanks to lighter equipment and therefore better mobility.


Combat shirt army

You will find in our collection all types of models. Particularly adapted to the wearing of a tactical vest of the plate carrier type, our camouflage combat shirts correspond perfectly to the expectations of a soldier in terms of equipment:

  1. Thanks to the use of adapted materials such as high density fabric, reinforced rip stop and other reinforcements based on nylon and cordura, they are ultra durable and will not let you down until after many months of very intensive use. Their seams are for the most part reinforced, it is impossible for them to let you down along the way.
  2. We have a very large choice of camouflage, allowing you to adapt your equipment according to your mission. Whether it’s a personal or group choice, you’ll always find a combat shirt that fits your needs at Kula.
  3. Finally, thanks to their quality, the models here are usable for all types of activity: hunting, airsoft, and of course for military professionals. Many Russian special forces units have already chosen one of our tactical combat shirts to work in the field, especially for the campaign in Syria.

You might be wrong to think that US military equipment is the best. On our Russian military surplus, you will find the best combat shirt brands that will outperform anything you have seen before in terms of price, quality and also inovations.


Among the well-known camouflage patterns, discover a whole other range of colors much more varied in our collection of combat shirts made in Russia. A real asset to better hide yourself in the wild, the choice of the right camo for your militairy combat shirt can make all the difference, especially to avoid enemy fire: it’s easier to set ambushes, more difficult for the enemy to spot you, and according to the last point you’ll decrease the chances of falling in undesirable situations for you and your group.

As for our designs, they benefit from a sharp competition from the Russian market. The manufacturers are therefore obliged to offer interesting models thanks to innovations, attractive prices but also impeccable quality.

Combat shirts uniform are not part of the standard equipment of Russian army soldiers at the time of writing this text. Therefore, they are mostly worn by special forces units of different functions throughout the country. The purchases of these Spetsnaz units are made individually or in groups. FSB units wear mostly combat shirts multicam, and this can vary depending on their region.

Complete your combat shirt with one of our appropriate combat pants before heading out on your adventure. More than a matching set, you’ll have better body protection and superior camouflage in the field.

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