Army Combat Shirt Raptor – Shadow Grey


First-class combat shirt shadow grey “Raptor”, made in Russia for special forces units. Ideal model for tactical operations in urban terrain or CQB.

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Category: Combat Shirts Brand: Giena tactics


This combat shirt shadow grey in short

The main feature of the Raptor Combat Shirt is its integrated elbow protection. Lightweight and flexible, the elbow pads have enough surface area to protect the joint in the event of a frontal impact.

Technical details:

  • Thanks to its well-thought-out construction, the elbow pads’ displacement from the elbow during actions is minimal on the raptor combat shirt. The padding of the elbow pads covers the elbow joint itself as well as the areas directly above and below the elbow. Protection is provided in all body positions.
  • The upper and lower parts of the elbow pad are made of a 10 mm thick polymer material. The middle section is made of a 12 mm thick polymer material. The outside of the protection is covered with a Cordura – nylon fabric analog.
  • Optimized knitting surface on the upper part of the shirt, under the armpits and on the inside of the elbows with an inverted V design for better breathability during sports phases.
  • Inside the sleeve, the elbow protection is separated from the skin by a knitted material. This design prevents the elbow from rubbing against the skin.
  • Inner part of the shoulders in 3D mesh fabric (as in swimwear). It makes wearing the vest and backpack more comfortable to use.
  • Inner parts of the collar made of 3D mesh fabric to prevent the neck from being rubbed by a strap, a backpack and the straps of a bulletproof vest.
  • The inner part of the collar and shoulder pads is made of knitted fabric to prevent chafing on the neck and shoulders.
  • The knitted part has an antibacterial treatment, is assembled with elastic threads and therefore stretches well.
  • The knitted fabric resists accidental snagging by rigid Velcro parts, branches and other vegetation.
  • The shirt closes with a zipper, which has a flap at the top to protect the neck skin from being pinched by the runner.
  • The main seams are flat and do not cause chafing or discomfort on the skin.
  • The cut of the raglan sleeves is also anatomical. On the forearms, the sleeve fits snugly by hand, improving the effectiveness of the sweatbands and providing a perfect fit for the protective elements.
  • Extended torso section length: the shirt doesn’t stick out of your pants.
  • Two Velcro strips for attaching patches and identification markings to the pouches on both sides.
  • The volume of the cuff is adjustable with a wide velcro strap.
  • Materials: Rip Stop 50% cotton / 50% polyester – 100% polyester Coolmax knitted fabric, quick drying and moisture-wicking – Cordura elbow protection

Pockets arrangement:

  • Easy access zippered pouches are located on each shoulder
  • The pouch design reduces the risk of snagging on vegetation, branches and other environmental elements.

Additional information

Weight1000 g

Regular cut






Shadow Grey


Giena Tactics


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