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Combat Harness Smersh AK “SSO” (Clearance)


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The Smersh combat harness series in short:

Worthy heir of older carrying systems, the Smersh series is a basic and efficient solution for carrying all the equipment of a soldier in the field. Widely used throughout Russia and its surrounding countries (Belarus, Ukraine), the Smersh military Harness has a large carrying capacity and can solve problems related to back pain caused by unbalanced weight of chests rigs and other combat vests. The word “Smersh” comes from the Russian words “Smyert Shpionam” which means “death to spies”. Discover what makes it a reference in its field:

  • An excellent weight distribution for a better comfort on the field, avoiding potential back problems.
  • Interchangeable pouches between different versions of the combat harness “Smersh”.
  • Increased durability through the use of the best materials available, some of which are developed directly by SSO.
  • Several kits available depending on the role of the infantryman (AK, VSS, SVD, PKM, RPK).

The Smersh basic kit:

  • 1x tactical soft belt with reinforced loops.
  • 1x rigid “RC-31” 50mm belt with velcro adjustment and clip closure.
  • 1x shoulder straps equipped with the MOLLE system.
  • 1x IPP medical pouch
  • 1x food belt bag “SPP”:
    • Originally designed to carry food, it can also be used to transport equipment for the field.
    • It is equipped with MOLLE loops on each side.
    • It can be used on the belt or on the back, thanks to a very practical attachment system. In this way, the bag can be turned over by the fighter’s head so that he can grab what he needs inside.
    • Clip closures, lined with a string closure placed inside
    • Weight: 450g
    • Dimensions: 270х220х140 mm

This combat harness smersh ak sso clearance kit includes:

  • The Smersh basic kit
  • 2x pouches for:
    • 4x AK mags each
    • 2x hand grenades each
Weight 2000 g

EMR Digital Flora, OD Green


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