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This collection of combat harnesses allows you to do things you can’t do with a traditional vest, placing extra magazines on the fighter’s sides at the reed level. It’s the perfect choice for long marches, reconnaissance missions or sniping.


Combat harness
Have you ever felt that deep sense of discomfort when lying on your stomach with your combat vest? It’s normal, they’re not made for that. With one of our Russian military harnesses, you certainly don’t have built-in ballistic protection. But they give you a whole new set of advantages:

  1. A weight ideally distributed, you will forget that you are carrying ammunition and other equipment on you.
  2. A great carrying capacity, perfect for missions spread over time.
  3. A comfortable lying position, ideal for snipers, observers or scouts. This is thanks to the arrangement of the elements on the sides and not on the chest.

If you are a lover of outdoor activities, they can also be used for hiking. Be careful, however, that the model is not only oriented for armed forces units with its integrated pockets. Choose a neutral modular model!

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