Closed Mag Pouch AK x2 & ROP Flare & Bayonet knife Right Side

It is designed for use as part of the UMTBS transport and unloading system (ZTU 6Sh112) or any other set of combat individual equipment, equipped with a modular attachment system of detachable pouches compatible with the UMTBS system (MOLLE, PALS).


Category: Brand: Techinkom
Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production

– Designed to hold two magazines for AK74 (AKM), one RPG (reactive flare cartridge) and a knife (bayonet-knife).
– Two versions of the pouch are manufactured – with the pocket for the RPG on the left side and on the right side.
– In order to prevent the ingress of dirt, sand etc. the pouch has a large flap.
– The pouch flap closes with a turnstile button, duplicated with a textile “pin”. To make the opening easier, especially in winter, the flap is equipped with the belt strap grip. The flap of the pocket for PPE is closed with textile clasps.
– To eliminate possibility of magazines hitting each other the pouch is equipped with removable partition with the damper. With the partition taken off it is possible to place twin magazines. The capacity of the pocket for signal means can be regulated by the elastic cord and spring lock.
The pouch can hold 20-shot magazines for 9mm AC submachine guns (VSS sniper rifle). For this purpose it is recommended to remove the partition and place the cartridges in a pack on the bottom of the pouch.
– On the back side of the pouch there is a flat pocket for placing a knife-bayonet for AK74 rifle (AKM) or other knives with similar dimensions.
– In the bottom part of the pouch there is a hole for water drainage.

Dimensions (HxHxW), mm: 240x120x60.
Weight: 170 gr.
Weight: 170 g.

Mass: 170 g.

Weight170 g

A-Tacs FG, AOR 2, Beige, Black, Desert Tan Coyote, Digital Arctic, Digital Desert, EMR Digital Flora, Full EMR (camo slings), Khaki, Multicam, OD Green, VSR-98 Flora, Woodland


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