Classic Grenade Pouch x1 RGD/F-1

Serves to place hand grenades RGO, RGN, RGD-5, F-1.


Category: Brand: Techinkom

– To prevent dirt, sand, etc. from entering the pouch has a voluminous valve.
– The pouch flap closes with a turnstile button. To facilitate the opening especially in the winter conditions the flap is equipped with the belt clip.
– Inside the pocket on the back wall there is a slot for fixing the grenade inside the pocket by the firing pin.
– This pouch can also be used for placing the separate elements of the sapper’s equipment. For example, the bomb squad PM-4, accessories of the special squad set, etc.
– The bottom part of the pouch has a hole for water drainage.

Dimensions (HxHxW), mm: 110x60x65.

Package dimensions (WxHxWh): 110x60x65.

Weight50 g

AOR 2, Atacs FG, Beige, Black, Desert Tan / Coyote, Digital Arctic, Digital Desert, EMR, Flora, Full EMR (camo slings), Khaki, Multicam, OD Green, UCP, Woodland


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