Russian Micro Chest Rig “Sol” – Admin Kit

This chest rig with admin pouch is perfectly adapted for trips in the mountains or in the forest thanks to its lightness and its comfortable carrying capacity.

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Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production
  • The kit includes: shoulder straps, Molle laser cut front panel, back section, attachment straps, 3 open-top mag pouches and a large central utility pouch
  • The administrative pouch closes with a zipper. Inside this pouch, there are four elastic sections for placing pistol magazines or things similar in size, such as a multi-tool, folding knife, flashlight, etc. It is equipped with a weatherproof card pocket, which is secured by a Velcro strip. On the opening part of the pouch there is another pocket with a zipper and a Velcro strip on its wall. The opening angle of the pouch can be quickly adjusted with paracord and a latch.
  • On the front panel of the administrative pouch there is a contact strip for putting patches on it and on the sides there are two Molle Minus panels with three pockets.
  • Can be used as an independent chest rig in mountainous and wooded terrain, during transport operations, and also as a replaceable module, which installs in place of the front flap of the body armor/plate carrier to allow operational equipment to be placed there during PPE operations. Attachment to plate carrier as a replacement module is by means of a Velcro strip on its backside. To install the side modules and use the chest rig as a front flap on the flap vest/plate carrier, the side connectors serving as attachments can be removed.
  • The shoulder straps are H-shaped with a bridge at the shoulder blade, which distributes the weight as efficiently as possible over the entire surface and achieves maximum adaptation to the body.
  • On the back of the shoulder straps there is a ventilation net with 3 mm padding: they are thin and this eliminates conflicts when wearing backpacks or parachutes.
  • The design of the shoulder straps allow a quick adjustment of the height of the chest rig on the user. The adjustment buckles allow it to be raised or lowered without removing it. The straps themselves are equipped with Molle Minus inserts for attaching additional equipment or modules.
  • It is possible to extend the functionality of the chest rig with additional modules from the chest rig “Sol” section, as well as with any pouch equipped with the Molle/Pals system.

The maximum number of sub-cartridge pouches that can be placed in the vest by default is :

  1. Pistol magazines: 5 pcs
  2. SMG magazines: 5 pcs
  3. Automatic rifle magazine: 3 pcs.

Additional modules (not included in the delivery kit):

  1. Chest panel for bib.
  2. Side modules 1×6 for Sol bib
  3. Side modules 2×6 for the floor bib
  4. Module under the chest rig plate
  5. Fixation under the withers
  6. Frog” storage bag
  7. Administrative pocket “Sol
Weight1200 g
Pouch attachment

MOLLE System


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