Combat Harness “Mongoose” Harness

This Harness chest rig was designed for an optimal transportation of your gear. It is best suited for reconnaissance troops due to its lightweight.

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Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production
  • Made of tactical fabric pouches sewn on two separate panels, connected by a zipper.
  • Four mag pouches for AK, VSS, VSK 94 and M4/M16 magazines located on the front part, adjustable for different sizes and quantities (from 1 to 2 units) of magazines by means of a powerful elastic, strap and Velcro closure.
  • The flap can be removed from the mag pouch if necessary, allowing them to be used as open mag pouches for quick access to magazines. In this case, we use a powerful elastic band with flap to hold the magazines in position. These extra elastics are included with the chest rig.
  • Small utility pouches are present on the main mag pouches, they can be used to store small accessories such as a compass, a battery box, a dressing bag, etc…
  • In the left side panel there are two flexible pouches with flaps for pistol magazines, two 40 mm grenades or other accessories of the same size.
  • Molle pouches on the sides of the mag pouches, which allow you to attach a tourniquet, sling or knife to the quick access.
  • On the side of the chest rig are bulky pouches with adjustable straps and attachments for carrying secondary weapons and communication equipment.
  • The mag pouches are equipped with a double locking system with Velcro and 25 mm fasteners. The Velcro locking system is detachable and can be removed independently. The pouch flap has an angled strap that increases the speed and ease of opening, even in very dirty conditions (easily used with two hands).
  • On the sides, there are additional utility pouches with flap and additional neck (main feature), which provides protection of the contents. It’s possible to remove it from the pouch’s construction. Also the inside of the pouch is designed with a removable and relocatable partition inside the left pouch and sewn-on elastic band inside the right pouch. On the front side of each utility pouch is a hand grenade pouch. On the side walls of both pouches, on the side that faces the back of the user, additional Molle/Pals are sewn on – to accommodate additional pouches, such as for smoke or extra grenades.
  • Two internal pouches are integrated on each side of the vest: a horizontal pouch for maps, documents, chemical heat sources and a vertical pouch to increase the overall volume of carried equipment, knife, extra magazines and buoyancy aids.
  • Ventilation mesh on the inner surface of the chest rig, allowing air to circulate between the vest and the user’s body.
  • The design of the shoulder straps ensures an even distribution of the weight of the chest rig worn. Adjustment is possible on the front and back of the straps. It is also possible to link the straps together at the chest level, which prevents them from moving over the user’s shoulders and causing discomfort.
  • The straps are also designed to attach a backpack with a quick-release system
  • There is an emergency escape strap on the back panel
  • The lumbar attachment of the chest rig has a shock-absorbing pad that makes it more comfortable to wear when fully loaded.
  • Adjustable width chest rig (space between the 2 portable panels): greatly increases comfort when taking the low shooting position and when lying down. Maintains the ability to operate efficiently with the contents of the pouches in the prone position.
Weight2000 g
Pouch attachment

MOLLE System


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