Russian Chest Rig “Catch”

This chest rig “catch” can be used as an independent vest in mountainous and wooded terrain as well as a replaceable module mounted on a plate carrier.

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Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production
  • The chest rig catch Benefits two rows of special-purpose pouches. It can be used as an independent unloading system in mountainous and wooded terrain as well as a replaceable module mounted on a body armor or plate carrier to allow for operational gear when working in PPE.
  • First in line are the FASTMAG type open magazine pouches, intended to accommodate two AK/AR15/M4 (or similar size) magazines on the breastplate. The pouches are equipped with a flexible snap, which allows for easy handling of the magazine. Two pouches are located on the sides and two in the center, there is a pouch, which is used for the installation of interchangeable modules. It is possible to place in this pouch modules that make the vest fully functional – for example, a pouch for two AK/AR15/M4 magazines, a pistol holder or for the magazines of the pistol (these modules are not included).
  • The second line of 5 pouches consists of a utility/medical in the center and 4 flap pouches for pistol magazines or other accessories of the same size. The pistol magazines also have a flexible band around the magazine housing, which gives the magazine more security inside the case. The utility/medical pouch Benefits a 180 degree zipper opening, internal organization with elastic mesh straps, three pockets and a removable card/document pouch. This pouch also Benefits an additional external zippered pouch.
  • The lower part of the chest rig is equipped with Molle/Pals connectors for administrative and medical pouches and the back part is equipped with velcro straps for two-way accessory pockets. To equip the vest, a secure zippered utility pocket with velcro strap is included on the outside of the bib. Molle/Pals system for securing the pocket.
  • The shoulder straps are X-shaped, to distribute the weight as efficiently as possible over the entire surface. The straps themselves have Molle/Pals straps for attaching additional gear. On the sides of the straps are elastic ties that make it easy to pass drink system hoses, helmet cables, and communication equipment.
  • The attachment to a body armor as a removable module can be done with a velcro strap on its back and adapter straps on the top and sides (not included in the kit).
Weight1500 g
Pouch attachment

MOLLE System


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