Russian Body Armor MBC Type 3 Molle Minus

This body armor offers maximum protection for “heavy” operations and sufficient, lightweight protection and maximum comfort without the Kevlar protections.

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Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production
  • This bulletproof vest takes into account the possibility of installing ballistic protections such as Defender, Goplit, Gladiator, IOTV, RBV, etc. It is also possible to work with the vest without this protection and to use it as a plate holder. In short: a bulletproof vest recommended by the mother country.
  • The MBS Type 3 vest is the most complete model of the three versions developed by MBC (in terms of user protection).
  • This entire line of vests is also designed to carry SAPI/ESAPI plates, as well as standardized Russian-made plates and Defender plates.
  • The size of the vest and thus the pouches for additional ballistic protection are adapted to the size ordered.
  • The geometry of the ballistic vest and its shoulders ensures maximum wearing comfort, even when the vest is heavily loaded with material.
  • The adjustment system allows maximum adaptation to the user’s dimensions, both in terms of volume and height. The chest band is equipped with elastic inserts, which allow the user to move actively in any position, without hindering breathing and without restricting the chest.
  • Equipped with the Molle Minus system (laser cut) and therefore lightweight to the maximum.
  • Equipped with a quick-release system for the vest.
  • Compatible with additional armor elements: collar, shoulder pads, aprons and hip protectors.
  • Equipped with a retractable emergency escape loop.
  • The chest panel Benefits an administrative pouch with a Velcro closure.
  • On the interior surfaces, there are padding elements that cushion the vest during use and improve air circulation between the user and the vest, reducing heat stress.
  • Inside the vest there are velcro panels that allow you to install special covers for ballistic bags of different classes on the vest. In this case, the shock-absorbing pads are repositioned on the installed bags.

Possible sizes of installed plates:

  1. The front and back section includes plates up to 265×365 mm in size.
  2. The pouches of the cummerbands include plates with a maximum size of 180x230mm.
Weight1900 g
Pouch attachment

MOLLE System


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