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Fleece Gorka Suit 3 – Blumentarn


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This Gorka blumentarn is made of fleece : its design is based on the original model from Bars. Take advantage of our unique camouflage, which has its origins in East Germany in the 1960s!

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  • Integrated fleece : get ready for cold weather !
  • Original Russian Gorka suit : used by Russian soldiers
  • Comfortable : was designed to wear other layers of clothes under it
  • Wind-breaker : was formerly used by military units in mountains
  • Waterproof : can protect against rain
  • Patch emplacements : perfect to show proudly to which unit you belong
  • Multiple reinforcements : the lifetime of the uniform is greatly extended!
  • Certified “Ghost” : the Russian government standard for quality standard meeting their requirements
  • Fabric : 100% tent fabric, Greta for reinforcement pads (50% coton / 50% polyester)
  • Manufacturer : Bars

The Blumentarn camo history

Originally named “Flachentarnmuster M58”, this camouflage entered service in the late 1950s on the East German side of the Nationale Volksarmee (NVA) and the MDI (Ministry of the Interior). Its production based in Germany was launched in 1965 and stopped in 1967 after the official replacement of the uniforms for a new competing camouflage of the time, the Strichmuster.

Blumentarn : what does it mean?

This Blumentarn pattern means “flower camouflage” in German. It was also called “Kartoffelmuster” which means “potato pattern”.

Our Gorka Blumentarn

Our gorka Blumentarn is 100% unique, you will not find this pattern anywhere else. Enjoy them while they are still available, we don’t know the next date of their production.

Made In Russia
SKU: Костюм "Горка-3 Флис", Цвет: Горный Category: Tag: Brand: Bars

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