Backward Flap Mag Pouch “Ukhvat” – 1x Pistol

This backward flap pistol pouch is very practical for groundwork, especially for snipers. Retrieving your magazines with its flap system is easier.

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Category: Mag Pouches Brand: MBC


  • A small rigid block is present at the end of the flap for easier opening of the pouch.
  • The length of the flap is adjustable thanks to a strong elastic.
  • Possibility to use it in open position as a FASTMAG pouch thanks to the elastic band around the magazine.
  • The elastic band inside the pouch is reinforced by a strap that reduces its wear.
  • The pouch is equipped with the Molle/pals system.

Our backward flap pistol pouch optimized for combat

That backward flap pistol pouch differs from the usual type of pouch in that it has a back flap with a flexible cord system. This allows the back flap to be opened and closed more quickly and intuitively, even under conditions of intense stress and blind closing.

Additional information

Weight70 g


Pouch attachment

MOLLE System


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