Combat Harness Smersh Sbruya AK (Khaki)

The avizent smersh was the classical vest used by russian special forces during all type of military operations. That copy is the most precise you ever seen: to use it for reconstruction of real russian units will be completely appropriate.


  • International delivery
  • Secure payments
  • Responsive support team
  • Highly realistic copy of the genuine Smersh SPOSN Avizent
  • Resistant fabric for an intense utilization
  • The classical design of the original Smersh
  • Reliable holding of the mag: it’s hоlded by a button and a velcro
  • Reinforced seams: all velcro are sewn with a high technology technic for a longer life
  • Drainage eyelets for water evacuation

The avizent smersh package

  • Smersh Sbruya Harness
  • Smersh Sbryua Belt (with internal belt)
  • Radio Pouche
  • Up to 8 AK magazine carry capacity (2x packed AK pouches)
  • 2x grenade pouches
  • 7L Backpack with 2x internal AK pouches and 2x grenade external pouches
Weight 2200 g


Pouch attachment

ALICE System


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