Atacs FG (Foliage Green) Camo

If you want to remain truly invisible when performing missions in wooded or other vegetation-rich terrain, the Atacs Foliage Green camouflage is your choice. Nothing describes this camouflage better than its acceptance and use by real professionals.


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The pattern used by the Atacs FG camouflage is unique. It was developed by the American company DCS (Digital Concealment Systems) in 2011. Having already developed a similar pattern two years earlier (that of the Atacs AU camouflage), their collective decided to create a new pattern, more adapted to a green, temperate environment, with its characteristic shapes.

After taking multiple samples directly from traditional and forest terrain, mixing several shades, the new Atacs FG multi-terrain camouflage was born. Optimized for use in temperate climates, its organic shapes of varying sizes, interspersed with shadows, give it a unique three-dimensional camouflage power. This has never been seen before for a tactical concealment system.

Atacs FG pattern effectiveness


SAS Smock Uniform  CPR Atacs FG

Atacs FG uniforms

With our jacket and pant kits you will be ready for the field right away. No need to worry about color variations due to different brands, our Atacs FG BDU are all one color and will keep you camouflaged on the field.

Combat Pants Triary Vent Atacs FG SRVV

Atacs FG combat pants

Find all the Atacs FG trousers for your future missions. They are designed for professionals, giving them protection against the natural elements and during intensive physical activities.

combat shirt atacs fg raptor

Atacs FG combat shirt

Equip yourself with an Atacs FG camouflage combat t-shirt to maintain good movement ability. They will ensure good air circulation, so you can focus on your mission.

russian national guard jacket

Atacs FG jackets

From simple weather protection to perfect camouflage in all circumstances, our jackets will keep you warm and dry while helping you stay undetected

Boonie Hat A-Tacs-FG with Mosquito Netting

Atacs FG hars

The must have accessory for discreet tracking sessions. It breaks the human form to better camouflage you in a hostile environment and protects your head from grime and high temperatures in style.


This camouflage has earned its reputation among law enforcement agencies in many countries. Officially used by Russian National Guard units, it is also popular with special forces around the world. Many airsofters also wear it for their outdoor games. Check out these Atacs FG loadouts for some inspiration.


It all depends on your playground. Atacs FG camouflage does a great job of mimicking vegetation in temperate environments. It is an ideal tool for a geographical area that is more European, wooded, forested, and in any case green. Multicam camouflage has lighter tones, better suited to mid-arid areas.

Again, it’s your operating terrain that will determine the winner. The Atacs Arid/Urban camouflage clearly has its field of choice in its name, as does its counterpart Atacs Foliage Green. One will be in its element on rocky, deforested, or even burned terrain, while the other will remain more discreet in green wooded terrain. It is possible to orient yourself to the humidity level of the area in question to get an idea right away.

Following the request, the company Digital Concealment Systems (otherwise known as DCS) designed the Atacs FG camouflage in 2011. The copyright was bought a little later (2018) by a Russian company.

At present (2022) it is officially Russia that uses this camouflage. It is worn by the special forces units of the National Guard. It is also still worn by special forces, mercenaries and police units around the world.

The camouflage is owned by a Russian company after its sale in 2018. It holds the rights regarding its distribution. However, this pattern was invented by an American company (DCS).

This camouflage is currently actively used by Russian military forces. It has been seen on numerous occasions on Chechen fighters in the Spetsnaz apartment on the eastern front in Ukraine. The Russian National Guard also wears it officially, and proudly displays it at military parades.

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