Military Boots “Lynx” Atacs Camo

Many fighters have already perished under enemy fire. In addition to being stylish, these Atacs camo boots are very effective in terms of camouflage comfort and robustness. You only have one life!


Category: Brand: Splav
Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production
  • Main material : combined velour (1.3 – 1.5 mm) + natural flax
  • Lining: hygroscopic textile material
  • Outsole: Thermoplastic elastomer
  • Method of attaching the sole: Combined (gluing)
  • Presence of a soft edging
  • Rear part: thermoplastically reinforced
  • Shoe height: 23cm
  • 1 shoe weight: 515 g
  • Manufacturer: Splav
Weight1300 g



Partial (waterproofed fabric)


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