NPO AEG Part Crane Stock for VAL & SR3

Tactical stock for AS VAL and SR-3M NPO AEG: made for you to take advantage on your enemies! More maniable and adaptive, your airsoft gun will be a level up with that special crane stock.


Available on backorder | Average prep time: 2 weeks

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Made in RussiaCertified productionEuropean quality

That stock convert the classical russian AS VAL and SR-3M into something more tactical. The new generation on Vintorez sniper, the VSS-M, gave new ideas to russian operators. The manufacturer of russian airsot guns NPO AEG take his inspiration from customization of russian special forces operators. Benefits :

  • Ergonomic
  • Adjustable stock
  • Modern look
  • A better maniability

Compatible with AS VAL and SR-3M. Made with steel and plastic. Compatible with NPO AEG only

Weight1000 g


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