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Spetsnaz Helmet Replica Altyn

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With its integrated radio system, its removable visor and its thickness of 15mm, our Altyn helmet replica is the best reproduction of that famous Russian ballistic helmet.

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  • Functional radio: the helmet is supplied with a kenwood connector. The voice activation button is located on the left side of the headset, on the same side is the integrated earpiece.
  • Great comfort even with the visor: the helmet is padded inside
  • Reinforced steel face protection
  • Realistic weight: about 2.5kg with the visor!
  • Removable visor: use the helmet with or without it !
  • Retractable visor: practical for quiet moments
  • High resistance: can endure the test of hammer hits
  • Precise copy of the original model
  • Helmet base: 15mm fiberglass impact resistant
  • Visor: metal from 2mm steel
  • Glass frame: composite molded
  • Eye protection: 6mm polycarbonate (more resistant than plexiglass)
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Manufacturer: Kula Tactical Exclusive
  • Our altyn helmet replica doesn’t protect from any bullet

The most realistic Altyn helmet replica

This model will give you the same feeling as wearing the original thanks to its ultra-realistic weight. The base of our helmet was specially designed to be as close as possible to the weight of the real model. It is also very solid, the thickness of the helmet is 15mm thick! Reproducing as closely as possible the real model, our altyn airsoft helmet will be perfect to give your opponents a rough life in close combat. It is also an essential accessory to build you a heavy Russian kit as well as a memorable cosplay outfit! Our altyn weight is very close to the real thing but remains lighter and more comfortable to wear: in between realism and practicality, it is suitable for rebuilding authentic Russian units but also for intensive terrain use. Also, our altyn helmet can be sent to your home without customs problems, unlike the real titanium model.

About the original Altyn Helmet

The story of the creation of the altyn Russian helmet began in 1982, when specialists from the Steel Research Institute obtained the first sample of the armor of the “Tig” helmet produced in Switzerland. This helmet was made in Switzerland and had a titanium visor and an intercom. The altyn assault helmet is equipped with a titanium and polycarbonate visor… It is a helmet of choice for Russian special forces, it is of great use for urban anti-terrorist interventions thanks to its improved protection against shrapnel and bullet impacts.

Additional information

Weight3200 g

Kula Custom (Roman)

1 review for Spetsnaz Helmet Replica Altyn

  1. Corentin (verified owner)

    Received a few weeks ago, here is my feedback. First of all, I would like to thank the Kula team for taking the time to answer my questions! The shipment was efficient although a little slow due to the postal services in my country. A fellow member of my airsoft team has already purchased the gearcraft altyn and was quite disappointed with the quality for the price. It looks cheap, yet it’s super expensive. The Kula Altyn is much heavier, you have the choice of head size (59 for me) and it is also paradoxically more comfortable to wear. I’m very satisfied with my purchase, thank you very much guys, you are at the top. The games in CQB for me took a whole new turn 😀 Kula it rocks!

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