Side Scope Mount AK Scope Mount 20 MOA


When you own your AK and decide to start shooting at longer ranges with a scope, you just need our reliable and handy AK scope mount 20 moa.

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Category: AK Scope Mounts & Other Brand: VOMZ


  • This bracket is designed for mounting optical sights on AK-Series rifles and is mounted instead of the original iron sights.
  • The tilt of the monoblock is 0 MOA.
  • The bracket is a fully milled product, which ensures the highest quality workmanship.
  • It ensures the best alignment of the half-bolts with each other and with the rail axes.
  • The bracket holds the mounted scope securely in place when using reinforced AK ammunition.
  • The monoblock is fixed with screws (internal hexagonal key) and there is an additional stop (recoil pad) on the landing part (the stop is inserted into the slot of the rail).
  • The scope housing is attached to each half-ring with screws (internal hexagonal key).
  • The bracket guarantees the fixation of the sight + its unchanged “sight zero”.
  • The main parts of the ring (clip, body, top cover) are made of aviation alloy, which makes the product as strong as possible.
  • The metal used in the product is hardened and blued.

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Weight240 g


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