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We have the best solutions to solve the main problem of eastern guns: tons of scope side mounts for AK and other rifles such as SVD, AS Val or even Saiga. By choosing the correct russian scope mount, you will be able to fully enjoy the optics of your choice. And it’ll work for any type of activities: hunting, sport shooting, airsoft, etc..


AK Side mount

Since this assault rifle, created more than 70 years ago, is the most popular in the world, we have reserved a special place for it in this large collection of best ak mounts. The Kalashnikov’s reputation as the most widely used weapon in the world is due to its reliability, performance and ease of use. The particularity of this weapon chambered in 7.62 (for the classic AK-47 models and many others) means that it can be used for literally anything. Whether it’s the war against the Nazis, bear hunting or sport shooting.
We have selected for you the best ak optic mounts so that you can use your Russian assault rifle to its fullest performance. Most of our mounts are adaptable to all types of side rails, including Tiger sniper rifles (SVD), AS Val, Saiga and other eastern models.


The main problem with eastern weapons is the presence of a side rail to attach an optic. In addition to our side-mounted scopes, you can use one of our side rails to mount the optic of your choice on your assault rifle or sniper. Red dot or scope, it all depends on the use you intend to make of it. At Kula, we have a strong preference for Russian red dots for anything that can fire in automatic: Kalashnikov of any type, AS Val or other.
For long range shooting, use a scope with a magnification of x4 or x6 minimum!

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