Mag Pouch x2 АК with Silent Buckle

Our handy and reliable AK double mag pouch from SSO gives you the ability to reload quickly and quietly behind enemy lines to ensure victory.

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Available alternatives

  • The pouch is designed to hold two 7.62 magazines for AKM or three 5.45 magazines for AK-74M.
  • It is recommended to stack AK-74M magazines with the front magazine hooks to the front wall of the bag, having previously removed the inner partition. In this way three magazines can be stowed in the bag.
  • The front wall is reinforced by a plastic insert, on which the front clip of the magazine should slide.
  • The pouch closes with blind flap with plastic insert. Such construction protects well the contents from dust and dirt and clamps magazines with open clasp. The flap is fixed by silent snap, which allows to take magazine out from the pouch with one hand very quietly. For this purpose it is enough to pull the strap upwards. Even with winter gloves it is comfortable to do this.
  • If the situation requires it, a partition can be taken off and the bag can be used for carrying big size things like smoke grenades and walkie-talkies.
  • To place additional equipment or other bags on the pouch, molle slots are sewn on the sides.
  • The flap and bottom of the pouch are reinforced with a second fabric layer.
  • On the bottom there is a hole with a hole for water drainage.
  • On the equipment pouch takes 2 standard molle slots.
  • If necessary, the pouch can be installed not only on the molle base, but also on the belts by making loops of the required size from the slings.
  • Materials: Cordura 500D
Weight165 g
Dimensions85 × 60 × 210 mm
Pouch attachment

MOLLE System


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