Mag Pouch x4 АК103 Buttons/Velcro

Every fighter needs an impressive amount of ammo and has to carry it on him. Our AK 4 mag pouch is perfect for someone who wants to shoot a lot.

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Available alternatives

  • Two double pouches are designed to hold four 7.62 magazines for the AKM or six 5.45 magazines for the AK-74M.
  • In order to increase the service life of the pouch and ensure quick magazine extraction, the front wall is reinforced with a plastic insert on which the front magazine hitch should slide.
  • Each compartment of the pouch closes with a rectangular flap with a universal closure, which consists of Velcro and buttons. One button is located on the flap itself, two responsive parts on the outside wall of the bag. The upper part is designed for AK-103 magazines, the lower one for AK-74M. The hard part of Velcro located on the flap is elongated and allows even one AK-74M magazine to be fixed reliably.
  • The flap has a tab, which is turned up, to make the bag easier to use with gloves.
  • For a more secure fixation of magazines, the upper part of each pocket is tightened with an elastic band, combined with a rigid plastic frame in the front wall this ensures a secure fixation of magazines, even when the flap is open. If necessary, you can tuck the flap inside the bag at all, without fear of losing the magazines.
  • When the situation demands it, you can take off the bulkhead and use the bag to carry bulky stuff like a smoke grenade and a radio or a water bottle.
  • The flap and the bottom of the bag are reinforced by the second layer of fabric.
  • On the bottom there is a water drain hole.
  • The bag takes 4 standard molle slots on the gear.
  • If necessary, the pouch can be installed not only on the molle base, but also on the belts by making loops of the right size from the slings.
  • Materials: Cordura 500D


Weight305 g
Dimensions16 × 6 × 23 mm
Pouch attachment

MOLLE System


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