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If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering who we are, what we do, and why we do it. With us there is no doubt, we share everything with our comrades in full transparency.

kula tactical mission

Our mission

Our mission is to bring together outdoor enthusiasts who share a passion for shooting and the art of camouflage. We all have common goals: to constantly improve, to be stronger and to be ready to protect ourselves and our families.

This is the real reason for the existence of this store, centered around Russian-made military equipment.

More than a pledge of quality and originality at very competitive prices, the made in Russia that we propose to you refers to a true symbol of virility and protection of fundamental traditional values.

Less uniformity for more efficiency

Today, the equipment of an army is often designed for its external missions. Russia, the world’s largest country, is full of military gear manufacturers.

Due to its diverse lands, a huge number of camouflages and clothing of all kinds have been created and are therefore suitable for all types of climate and terrain.

kula tactical vision

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

This quote from Benjamin Franklin reflects our state of mind. It signifies the importance of preparation before each event.

It is by accepting the present and the past that we can better understand the future, then only a good preparation will help us face the trials of life. It is our duty as responsible fathers (or future).

Quentin Kula tactical

Our history

“My team and I were struggling to find some quality gear that will last over time. On top of that, the choice was very limited.

Originally from France, I moved to Russia in my 20s. While practicing airsoft here, I discovered a wide variety of camo equipment that was not available in the French and English speaking areas.

The adventure began when I decided to help the comrades of my airsoft team to get some uniforms particularly effective in our region.

Due to the success of this project, the idea came up to help more people including veterans, active military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts to get such unique equipment.”

– Quentin

Many famous manufacturers

We want to offer the highest quality military stuff in this store. That’s why we work exclusively with producers recognized for their expertise and the finesse of their work.

With us, there is no compromise: high standards come first and only the best products are retained on Kula Tactical.

Our clients testify

"I ordered the VSSM . Nice service, all my question got answered in time. Support during building/ shipping/ and after receiving!!!"
Testimonial Patrick
Patrick R.
"Been wearing a gorka 3 for a while now it’s hard wearing and well made"
Gorka 3 Kharlos
"This is literally the best camouflage outfit I've ever worn. Quality, efficiency, durability... I highly recommend it!"
About us
Quentin L.

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