A-Tacs AU Camo

If you’re venturing into desert terrains, rugged landscapes, or urban settings, A-TACS AU is the go-to choice for maximizing your stealth capabilities. It is one of the most advanced and effective camouflage patterns in the world.


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The A-TACS AU camouflage pattern was developed to address the limitations of traditional digital and pixelated designs. By using a unique blend of organic shapes and digital elements, A-TACS AU achieves a more realistic appearance that seamlessly blends into natural surroundings.

A-TACS AU utilizes a “pattern within a pattern” concept, making it harder for the human eye to pick up. This approach allows for a more effective and fluid camouflage in various environmental conditions. With a color palette that’s specifically chosen for arid landscapes, this camouflage pattern reduces your silhouette and helps you blend in with the natural elements around you.

A-tacs AU Pattern Effectiveness


Combat Pants  Prizm XG3 TPR Atacs AU

Atacs AU combat pants

Find all the Atacs AU trousers for your future missions. They are designed for professionals, giving them protection against the natural elements and during intensive physical activities.

Combat Shirt  Condor TPR

Atacs AU combat shirt

Equip yourself with an Atacs AU camouflage combat t-shirt to maintain good movement ability. They will ensure good air circulation, so you can focus on your mission.

Military Uniform  Defender CPR Atacs AU

Atacs AU uniforms

With our jacket and pant kits you will be ready for the field right away. No need to worry about color variations due to different brands, our Atacs AU BDU are all one color and will keep you camouflaged on the field.


When it comes to tactical effectiveness in arid and urban landscapes, A-TACS AU Camouflage stands out as a premier choice. Its innovative design and scientifically backed features offer an unparalleled advantage in stealth and concealment. Browse through our extensive range of A-TACS AU products to find the perfect fit for your needs.

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