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Fill up with pure emotions !

Equip yourself for your next mountain expedition, build your airsoft kit from scratch and say game over to your PC ! You’ll be ready to go on an adventure and get full of emotions thanks to our care packages. Here you have access to a large range of original Russian military equipment.

Selection for tactical situations


Gorka 3 Original

Perfect for most outdoor activities, whether you are a hiking, bushcraft or airsoft lover.


SS Leto Partizan Suit

Ideal type of outfit to camouflage yourself like a pro! Choose it according to your mission zone.



Excellent for the creation of a Russian airsoft kit. All our available models are very realistic.

Did you fall into their scope ?

  • “I ordered a tactical vest 3 months ago and it still hasn’t arrived.”
  • “They sent me a size that is not mine because the one I ordered was out of stock.”
  • “Impossible to get a refund for an order I placed 2 weeks ago because nobody answers, how to do ?”

1 out of 3 people say they have already had a bad experience with ill-intentioned Russian & Soviet shops.
Some of them even asked us for advice several times but it was too late !

At Kula Tactical we are a close-knit team, and we firmly believe that you come first. Our assistants work like spiders for you !


They have trusted us

Thank you for the gorka 4! The size is perfect. All my questions were answered clearly and quickly.
The costume arrived very quickly, 3-4 days earlier than promised.
I tried it today under the rain and I’m still dry 🙂


I’ve been using the gorka 4 khaki for six months now, both at airsoft and at work. Last week I bought a gorka 3 autumn, it’s a very cool model. On the photo it’s me during an airsoft game !


I recommend this store because the salesman is super reactive, very nice, and very professional!
To get an NPO replica in peace of mind, it is clearly to Kula Tactical that you should turn to 🙂.


At the end of November I took a jacket “Cyclone” in olive. it meets the expectations. But it would be great if there were a few more pockets on it (on the shoulder side of the sleeves for example…). Would be much comfortable.


Selection for big trips


20L Military Backpack Black

Before leaving on a mountain expedition don’t forget to order your Russian military bag.


PSO scope

Game is not going to hunt itself, to fill the barbecue it will be necessary to aim right.


S Windproof Smock Multicam

This effective winbreaker was born on the British coast. It will protect you from bad weather.

Discover our original Russian gear

Involved in the airsoft community for more than 7 years, the founding members of Kula Tactical were also beginners.

“We equipped ourselves without really taking into account the brands, just with what we could easily find and for cheap.

In the end we were always wondering if our clothes would stand up when we went to events for 2 days of games. Some of us were luckier than others, I lost several times pockets that were cut off in the middle of the game…

There was also a strong lack of a group identity inside our team.”

– Kula’s team leader


❌  Tired of your overly classic look ?

❌  Your equipment is unreliable and wears out too quickly ?

❌  Your budget doesn’t match the gold price of American gear ?

❌ Scav ❌


Wide choice of camo for all climates and geographical areas !

Many brands under contract with the Russian army !

A style from the East that will make you stand out from the crowd !

✅ PMC ✅

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Are you looking for specific equipment ?

They bought from us

Hello, I received the order. Everything is OK! I am impressed 😃 thank you for the smooth handling of the matter. I hope this is not the end of my adventure with NPO AEG.


Excellent online store, excellent product quality, all orders come on time, constantly in contact with sellers, for this I would like to express my gratitude. I whish you prosperity !


Ordered various product samples… All of the highest quality. Thank you for your support ! I suggest everyone that wants such reliable things to have a look on Stich profi production.


Great products! I bought a tactical bag for my little hikes and airsoft… Turns out it’s also very useful for shopping! 😃 The quality is really impeccable, I’ve never seen anything like it at this price.


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