Reversible Spetsnaz Suit 6sh122 – Ratnik

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Assemble you a modern Russian equipment worthy of the name on the basis of this 6SH122 Ratnik suit! With its double camouflage, you will be able to adapt it according to the seasons.


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Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production

This 6sh122 in short

This unique uniform was created to be worn by the soldiers of the Russian army, more precisely the units of the MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs). As usual, the manufacturer Bars focuses on contract production for the army. This testifies to the quality of the design of this outfit, intended to be worn all year round. Indeed, thanks to its ability to flip its camouflage to a “summer” or “winter” side, the 6sh122 Ratnik from Bars is one of the most effective camo outfits while being ultra comfortable.

  • Double-sided suit with the possibility to adapt your camouflage for different environments
  • Loose fit: very comfortable suit that was designed to wear other clothing layers under it
  • Sewing goes to +1 size, as it is designed to be worn over the uniform. To wear the suit more like a uniform, take a size in width below yours!
  • The suit uses essentially big and reliable button closures
  • Recommended temperature range: 10° to 25° Celsius
  • Materials: blended fabric “Panacea” (35% cotton / 65% polyester)

The 6sh122 jacket in details:

  • Anorak model jacket
  • The Anorak has multiple little ventilation holes with eyelets
  • Multiple inserts on shoulders and the hood for attaching additional masking elements (branches, leaves, etc…)
  • Camouflage & anti-mosquito net for the face. It is hidden in the hood
  • The hood has a special net on both sides, to preserve your capacities for hearing the surrounding noise
  • The jacket is adjustable at the bottom and waist thanks to special elastic

Pockets arrangement of the jacket:

  • 2x Patch pockets on the belt, with flaps and button closure
  • The pockets are reversible, depending on the camouflage side of your needs

The 6sh122 pants in details:

  • Pants with elastic waist and button closure
  • 7 belt loops of 5 cm wide for large military belts
  • Double layer fabric for better protection on the buttocks and knees
  • Side straps for attaching suspenders
  • Elastic adjustments at the bottom of the pants, to keep them on your boots

Pockets arrangement of the pants:

  • 2x Back patch pockets with flaps and button closure
  • 2x Side fake pockets for access to other pants, if you wear one
  • 2x Large Cargo pockets on each side with a flap and button closure (can contain an AK mag). They were absent on the old version

The 6sh122 set:

  • 1x Jacket
  • 1x Pants
  • 1x Suspenders
  • 1x Transporting bag

History of the 6SH122 Suit

The 6sh122 Ratnik camouflage suit was originally created to go with the complete 6sh121 VKPO kit for the modernized Russian equipment system called “Ratnik”. But after the official decision not to use this kit for the Ratnik system, this suit was used individually, first as a jacket and not an anorak.After being tested by divisions of the National Guard, the 6sh122 Ratnik was quickly adopted by other units who were visibly very satisfied with the benefits of such a design. The first wartime field use of the 6sh122 was in Syria. A special “desert” version was even created for the needs of Russian soldiers in demining units. Since then, continuous research work is in progress on the 6sh122 ratnik in order to propose the best possible version to the Russian army soldiers.

The 6SH122 masking suit: a unique camo

It is important to specify that this 6sh122 ratnik suit is almost totally universal because it allows the soldier who wears it to dress up underneath for very cool temperatures (thanks to its ample cut) but also its “double camouflage” is perfect during the change of seasons: green side for summer and yellow side for winter.

Weight 2000 g

EMR Digital Flora


One size up


Wide cut


Reversible camouflage


Mid-season (5-15° Celsius)

4 reviews for Reversible Spetsnaz Suit 6sh122 – Ratnik

  1. Chris (verified owner)

    Awesome suit ! Just received mine today and after I tried it it was clear to me : it’s the best military uniform I ever had !! Its baggy fit is just perfect to walk around and the camouflage is really effective. Thanks to the Kula team that shipped it fast without creating me any kind of problems (it already happened with other shops…). Anyway, I highly recommend it.

  2. Jayden (verified owner)

    Its amazing ! it fits very comfortable! Arrived it on time and in perfect condition.

  3. Josh (verified owner)

    This costume surprised me very much ! Fabric quality and comfort I give this one a 10/10. It keeps the body temperature well during hard games and is very light. Delivery was on time, it has his own transporting bag for storage. Thank you I am very happy I think everyone should have it in their arsenal?

  4. Thomas M. (verified owner)

    I received my Ratnik 6sh122, it arrived on time and in excellent condition. I ordered the XL size, it’s a little baggy but they’re oversuits after all. It is double-sided, brown and green sides. I live in the west of France, and I use both sides during the whole year. I recommend it!!!?

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