Russian Body Armor 6B43 Ratnik

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That 6B43 body armor conception was launched for the Ratnik program to modernize the Russian military equipment. Today, multiple specialized units use it as a complete defensive personal system.


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Category: Brand: Kula Tactical brand
Made in RussiaCertified productionEuropean quality
  • Exact replica of the model used by Russian soldiers: perfect for an airsoft kit
  • Set of 2 foam comfort plates included : must-have to use the vest on the field
  • The full model used by heavily armed units: includes shoulder and groin protection
  • Quick detach system: a no brainer for critical situations, to save your partners easily
  • Compatible with original Granit bulletproof plates
  • Support Molle pouches of all types: Molle straps are sewn with a reinforced technique
  • Materials : Mogotex 1000D (the russian Cordura)
  • Weight : 1.5kg

The Russian 6b43 armor

The Russian army launched the program Ratnik: it’s the global modernization of their military equipment. A complete bulletproof vest with MOLLE insertions was the most important criterion.

Old vests as 6b13 and 6b23 were not practical because of the absence of MOLLE straps and operators had to wear harness like Smersh on it (the old avizent version).

On the 6b43 can be fixed pouches of any type (usually for AK mags – 5.45mm). Plates “Granit” protection level 6A can be added in the vest.

The differences between 6B43 and 6B45

The differences between these 2 models are :

    • 6b45 vest has no access to the aramid screens
    • The frontal plate of the 6B43 is inserted from the bottom on the back of the chest section, while in 6b45 it’s inserted from the bottom on the outside
    • In 6b45, the side elements are connected with the help of Velcro, while in 6b43 the sides are joined with a buckle (fastex)
    • The 6b45 has a back handle for evacuation, in 6b43 it is absent
    • The 6b43 has more Molle straps than the 6b45
Weight 2000 g
Pouch attachment

MOLLE System

1 review for Russian Body Armor 6B43 Ratnik

  1. Luke (verified owner)

    That body armor is very cool. Probably the most comfortable vest I’ve ever seen considering its design. Inner comfort pads are already included. Super quality. Last time I played with it, I put something like 5kg of pouches and ammo and there was still some free space in it.

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