Russian Helmet Replica 6B27 (Ground infantry)

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That 6B27 helmet replica original model was officially introduced in 2006 and is still used by some military regiment. Durable and high-quality finish, it’ll perfectly protect you from the bbs impacts and grenades at airsoft!


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Category: Brand: Kula Tactical brand
Made in RussiaCertified productionEuropean quality
  • Designed for ground infantry : ideal in combination with a cover in EMR camo
  • Precise copy of the original model: its mold was created on the basis of the genuine model
  • Original straps: gives more cachet to the helmet
  • Original metal parts: 100% guaranteed against breakage!
  • High resistance: it endures by far the test of hammer hits
  • Universal size: adjustable for all head sizes thanks to internal straps
  • Materials: 5mm fiberglass impact resistant
  • Weight: 700g

Although it is very resistant, this replica does not protect from any bullet.

About the original 6B27 helmet

The 6b27 helmet was adopted in the Russian army in 2006. Designed to be used with a full set of military equipment named “Permyachka” and “Barmitsa-M1”, as a personal armor protection of the majority of the Russian soldiers to lead their assaults.

High-quality replica of the Russian helmet 6247

It is an excellent choice if you decide to model an old school Russian army unit: our 6b27 helmet replica is an exact reproduction of the military model and can be sent to your home without any customs problems !

Weight 1000 g


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Size chart

The size corresponds to your head size in centimeters.

Size (Russia) Head circumference
56 22" (56cm)
57 22.4" (57cm)
58 22.8" (58cm)
59 23.2" (59cm)
60 23.6" (60cm)
61 24" (61cm)
62 24.4" (62cm)

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