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Russian Body Armor 6B23-1


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The armour vest 6b23-1 is an older version of individual protection for army combat units, airborne forces, navy infantry, etc.

EMR (Digi Flora)

Whitout plates the vest can’t protect against any bullet.

Ready to play only for airsoft.

An old style Russian Body Arrmor

The armour vest 6b23-1 is an individual protection for army combat units, airborne forces, navy infantry, etc. It is designed to reduce the probability of bullets hitting from small arms cartridges, shell fragments (mines, grenades) and cold weapons.

Its features :

  • Universal adjustable size in height and width
  • The vest can be filed with bulletproof plates (groin pad and throat protections too)
  • Throat protection can be filed in the vest
  • Padded Plate Backer for a better comfort

That bulet proof vest was design by russians to replace the even older 6B13 body armor

Usually used with the tactical vest Molle 6SH11* line, that body armor is really appreciated for its effectiveness.

  • Materials : Mogotex (the russian Cordura 1000D)
  • Weight : 1kg
  • 6B23 – Body Armor
  • Padded Plate Backer (for comfort)
  • Foam insertions instead of plates (to give some shape to the vest)
Made In Russia

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