Closed Single Mag Pouch 1x Pistol – 45 ACP


Our 45 ACP pistol mag pouch is sized to carry extra magazines for your handgun of this caliber (Colt and others). Practical, it has the Molle system.

Category: Mag Pouches Brand: MBC


  • Equipped with a retractable elastic band that ensures better retention of the magazine.
  • The simple design of the pouch makes it easy to use. It is possible to work with the pouch “blind”.
  • The pouch can be used with both pistol magazines and similar sized objects: multitool, knife or flashlight.
  • Designed to carry a pistol magazine on a Molle/Pals system belt or sling.
  • Simple design that has proven to be lightweight, easy to use and very reliable.
  • Additional strap on the flap for easy opening even with gloves

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MOLLE System


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