Sniper Gear 3D Camo Leaves

Take your camouflage to the next level with these 3D Camo Leaves for sniper. It will camouflage your silhouette and that of your equipment easily.


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Category: Sniper Gear Brand: Giena tactics


The camouflage element is designed to make it harder for the enemy to detect you by breaking up your silhouette. It can be placed on a backpack Molle System easily, or with other sniper clothes like our collection of viperhoods. It also can be used for camouflage of your weapons.

  • It has an “oak leaf” shape, perfectly imitates tree foliage and breaks up the silhouette.
  • Ripstop material for all colors except winter camouflage (for winter 100% thin polyester).
  • Laser cut, edges won’t crack over time.
  • Can be used on its own or together with elements of vegetation, fabric, burlap, dyed threads.
  • Dimensions 150×15 cm unfolded.

Additional information

Weight50 g

Giena Tactics


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