Side Scope Mount “Pilad-043” 30mm

Our 30mm AK side mount is a extra easy and quick to install. The locking is done with a lever, allowing you to remove or put the mount on or off.


Category: Brand: VOMZ

The 30mm ak side mount in details:

  • This bracket is used to attach one-inch (25.4 mm) optical sights to Vepr, SKS, Tiger, Saiga carbines on 14.5mm side rail.
  • Bracket has a removable pad with two rings located on it, the distance between them is 38mm.
  • The rings are removable part, so they can be mounted in one of three positions along the side of the bracket.
  • The riflescopes are fixed by rings, which are screwed into place.
  • The construction of the product guarantees stiffness and the sight remains immovable even at high recoil.
  • Faceplate mounting size: 14.5mm.
  • Attachment of optics: diameter 25.4mm.
  • Ring spacing: 38mm.
  • Material: aluminum.
Weight303 g
Dimensions172 × 134 × 54 mm


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