Ак Fast-g Quick Reload Pouch Horizontal For One Mag.


Category: Mag Pouches Brand: SRVV


АК FAST-G Quick Reload Pouch Horizontal for one Mag.
Designed to extend the use of the THORAX modular plate carrier.
It is possible to fix it in a horizontal position on the back of the vest, on the chest, on the side on the cummerbund, and on the combat belt. When fixing on the back panel of the plate carrier, it balances the weight of the equipment, removing the load from the front, and allows you to have spare pouches ready for battle. It is possible to increase to two pouches by adding a vertical pouch.
Two types are produced: left and right.

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Features include:
● Holds 1 AK magazine
● Mounts via M.O.L.L.E.
● A removable, adjustable elastic cord encircles the pouch on the sides and secures the magazine atop
● The front panel has a hard plastic element
● Two layers of wear-resistant CORDURA 1000D
● M.O.L.L.E. webbing on the front of the pouch to fix additional pouches

Dimensions: 9.5 cm x 3 cm x 16.5 cm


Materials used:
● CORDURA® 1000D fabric, made in the USA
● tapes
● COATS® nylon threads
● STOCKO® snap buttons
● Elastic cord made in the USA

Weight: 95 g

Color: is a registered trademark

The manufacturer reserves the right to make minor changes in order to improve the design of the product without prior notice.


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